Terms of Service

Clients and buyers of original works must read and agree to these terms of service when paying their invoice. A completed invoice payment indicates that you have read and agreed to everything outlined here. 

Copyright is not included in any transactions unless explicitly agreed upon in a written contract, otherwise I retain copyright of all artwork/images in sales or commissions. Information about image usage and rights must be agreed upon at the start of any sale. Usage and reproduction rights needed for the image will increase the pricing for commissioned projects. I retain the right to display all commissioned artwork in my website, social media, or promotions. I will not sell prints or merchandise of commissioned artwork without informing the buyer. Artwork obtained through commissions and sales is for personal, non-commercial use only unless otherwise agreed upon during our transaction. Rights to commercial use of commissioned or purchased artwork/images must be explicitly outlined and agreed upon in a written contract. Any progress images, sketches, concept work, or partially completed artwork made toward any cancelled projects remain solely my intellectual property unless otherwise agreed upon.

Commission process
My normal commission process is to take the client's information by email (use the contact form), I then provide sketches and concept work and give price estimates based on that concept work. Once the client and myself are in agreement on the price and concept I send an invoice and proceed with the creation of the final artwork. The client may pay the invoice at any time but the completed artwork will not be delivered until the invoice is paid in full. Certain discount sales or special offers may have a different process which will be outlined to the buyer.

I primarily accept payment through invoicing via Paypal. Paypal invoices can be paid with or without a Paypal account. If for some reason you need an alternative payment method please contact me for other arrangements. All prices are given in USD. Partial payments and payment plans are welcome; I prefer payment plans with a 50% payment up front and a one month time allowance for the remainder to be sent, but I am willing to make other arrangements on a case-by-case basis.
Invoice can be paid by the client at any time but finished commissions or originals will not be delivered until payment is received in full. If more than a month passes without payment after the initial invoice delivery I will send you a reminder, and then if another month passes without payment your transaction may be cancelled. If we have agreed to a payment plan longer than one month then I will send a reminder based on that timeframe. Please communicate clearly about any delays or interference to avoid cancellation.

Transactions are not finalized until payment is received in full: 
Originals or full-resolution files will not be delivered until the invoice has been completely paid.
Ownership or image rights do not take effect until invoice has been completely paid and final artwork is delivered.

I cannot accept commissions or purchases through Paypal by anyone under 18 years of age per their Terms of Use agreement. 

I offer full refunds only for projects that have not progressed past the preliminary stages of sketching and conceptual work. Any cancelled commissions that have progressed beyond that point will receive a partial refund based on the extent of the project's progress. Refunds for sales of originals will only be considered if the original can be promptly returned to me before the refund is issued. I issue refunds for damages incurred during shipping on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping costs are factored into a commission estimate unless otherwise specified. Shipping expenses for original artwork will be included in the invoice. All originals and prints are shipped flat with firm backing in protective mailers or boxes, large originals are packed professionally and are insured. I am not responsible for damages incurred during shipping, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Tracking numbers are available upon request.
You must verify your address with me before shipping. I will not assume the address associated with a Paypal account is correct unless it is confirmed with the client.

I retain the right to cancel any transaction at any time if there is obstructive lack of communication, an inappropriate request, violation of the Terms of Service, or for any reason that undermines my ability to complete the project.

You can purchase mural prints and merchandise through Society6 or my Etsy shop. Rights to print commissioned artwork for commercial use or redistribution must be agreed upon by written contract prior to payment. Personal printing of commissioned artwork is permitted as long as it is solely for personal use; please contact me if you have any questions about reproducing commissioned images.

All originals are signed. I do not mat or frame originals unless otherwise agreed upon, they are sent plastic-wrapped with a firm backing. 

Subject matter
I am primarily available for projects relating to natural science including wildlife, botanical, and natural history subjects. I may refuse commission requests based on subject matter that I do not feel is suitable for my work. I do not accept commissions of pet or human portraits, please do not send inquiries for these genres. I will not accept requests involving "NSFW" subject matter, copyrighted characters/materials, or any subjects that I deem to be offensive or in poor taste.

Social media
I will include a resized, watermarked image file for all commissions that can be posted to your social media. Please credit my work by linking to justineleehirten.com in any of your social media posts. You may not post full resolution or unwatermarked files to social media or other public websites.

You can also tag me on instagram @justine.lee.hirten and tumblr @justineleehirten 


By submitting a partial or full invoice payment you are agreeing to these terms. Violation of these terms may result in termination of projects or agreements. Any improper use of images or copyright violations must be removed immediately by request of the artist. 

Updated May 21 2019