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justine lee hirten

artist, science illustrator, wildlife rehabilitator, musician


BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration, CSUMB


I am a natural science illustrator specializing in ornithological illustration. The goal of my work is to inspire compassion and appreciation for wildlife and their environments so we can see the natural world as an extension of our own community.

Clients include

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Connecticut Audubon Society, New Jersey Audubon Society, and BOOM! Studios.

This site is still under construction.

Digital Media


traditional media


Custom Photoshop Resources

I have digital downloads of custom brushes and textures available for purchase on gumroad

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Featured Print

My Eastern Screech Owl prints are sold out (thank you!)
I will have a new feature up shortly.

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Biodiversity Mural Shop

Merchandise from the Biodiversity Mural I completed in 2017 is still available at Society6. The shop includes, tote bags, t-shirts, prints, and more.