Custom Esk Orders

Read about Esk adopts here and here before filling out this form.

Custom designs may not be resold but can be traded, and must adhere to the rules listed here.


Please complete the form below

You do not have to provide your real name, this is just for contact purposes
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If I post the design online I will need some way to indicate your ownership. This can be a link to your DeviantArt or other online profile, a name/alias, or I can leave it marked as "private owner" if you prefer to remain anonymous.
fixed stats
origin: I will assign your Esk an origin based on traits and story you have provided.
number, rarity, collection: these stats for for record-keeping and not customizable, all custom designs are part of the "custom" collection.
provide a single word or compound word to briefly summarize their personality
This is a brief description of the habitat (1-2 words is preferred), please keep it aligned with the design (ex: an Esk with coral on it would not be in a jungle). You don't have to be very specific.
provide a brief indication of their size, please use subjective words and not objective measurements ("6 feet tall"). Use a thesaurus if you want to find a unique term
provide a description of how you would like the body to look
provide a description of how you would like the face to look
provide a description of how you would like the coloration to look, this includes markings
provide a description of the natural elements you would like included in the design. You can provide examples of real plants/elements or invent your own. Photos may be helpful. You can also indicate how you would like them placed or integrated with the design
Rare Traits
Some rare traits are reserved for my use only, if you request a reserved trait I will let you know and provide alternatives.
Anything not covered above, backstory, character development, or other inspiration.